Marlena Shaw / Who Is This Bitch, Anyway? [Blue Note / BN-LA397-G]

Marlena Shaw / Who Is This Bitch, Anyway? [Blue Note / BN-LA397-G]



マリーナショウが名門ブルーノートに残した1975年発表の代表作にして名盤中の名盤。ギターにラリーカールトン、デヴィッドTウォーカー、そしてレッキングクルーのデニスバディマー等が参加。名曲「Feel Like Makin' Love」収録。

A1.a Dialogue: You, Me And Ethel
A1.b Street Walkin' Woman
A2 You Taught Me How To Speak In Love
A3 Davy
A4 Feel Like Makin' Love
A5 The Lord Giveth And The Lord Taketh Away
B1 You Been Away Too Long
B2 You
B3 Loving You Was Like A Party
B4 A Prelude For Rose Marie
B5 Rose Marie (Mon Cherie)

Guitar – David T. Walker (tracks: A1.b to A3, A5, B3)
Guitar – Dennis Budimir (tracks: A3, B1 to B2, B5)
Guitar – Larry Carlton (tracks: A2, A4, B3)
Bass – Chuck Domanico (tracks: B5), Chuck Rainey (tracks: A1.b to A4, B1 to B3)
Congas – King Errison (tracks: A1.b, B3)
Drums – Harvey Mason (tracks: A1.b to A4, B1 to B3), Jim Gordon (tracks: B5)
Electric Piano – Larry Nash (tracks: A1.b to A2, A4, B1 to B3)
Flugelhorn – Bernard Ighner (tracks: A3)
Percussion – Harvey Mason (tracks: A2, B1)
Piano – Bernard Ighner (tracks: A4), Bill Mays (tracks: B5), Marlena Shaw (tracks: A5), Mike Lang (tracks: A1.b to A2)
Wind Chimes – Harvey Mason (tracks: A4)
Arranged By – Bernard Ighner (tracks: A3 to A5), Byron Olson (tracks: A1.a to A2, B4 to B5), Dale Oehler (tracks: B1 to B3)
Artwork – Lloyd Ziff
Engineer – Phil Shier
Photography By – Albert McKensie Watson
Mixed By – Joanie DeCola, Phil Shier
Producer – Bernard Ighner