Ben Harper / Fight For Your Mind [Virgin / VUSDLP93]

Ben Harper / Fight For Your Mind [Virgin / VUSDLP93]



本作は、2作目にあたる1995年作品。冒頭からヘヴィーな楽曲を披露し、ブルースだけに収まらないベンハーパー節を早くも確立。ライヴのハイライトで歌われる代表曲「Burn One Down」をはじめ名曲を数多く収録。特に後半の名曲群は感動の涙なくしては聴けない素晴らしさ。

A1 Oppression
A2 Ground On Down
A3 Another Lonely Day
A4 Please Me Like You Want To
B1 Gold To Me
B2 Burn One Down
B3 Excuse Me Mr.
B4 People Lead
C1 Fight For Your Mind
C2 Give A Man A Home
C3 By My Side
C4 Power Of The Gospel
D1 God Fearing Man
D2 One Road To Freedom

Acoustic Guitar, Guitar [Weissenborn], Vocals – Ben Harper
Bass – Juan Nelson
Drums – Oliver Charles
Organ – Ervin Pope
Percussion – Leon Lewis Mobley
Mastered By – Eddy Schreyer
Mixed By – Eric Sarafin
Producer – Ben Harper, JP Plunier
Recorded By – Bradley Cook