Frank Zappa / Guitar [Barking Pumpkin Records / D1-74212]

Frank Zappa / Guitar [Barking Pumpkin Records / D1-74212]



本作は、1979年から1984年にかけてのライブ音源からギターソロを抜き出して編集された1988年発表作品。「Shut Up 'N Play Yer Guitar」の第2弾にあたる作品。ヴィニーカリウタを中心としたリズムセクションの超絶プレイもさることながら、ザッパの圧倒的なギタリストとしての実力を思い知らされる傑作。

A1 Sexual Harassment In The Workplace
A2 Republicans
A3 Do Not Pass Go
A4 That's Not Really Reggae
A5 When No One Was No One
B1 Once Again, Without The Net
B2 Outside Now (Original Solo)
B3 Jim & Tammy's Upper Room
B4 Were We Ever Really Safe In San Antonio?
B5 That Ol' G Minor Thing Again
C1 Move It Or Park It
C2 Sunrise Redeemer
C3 But Who Was Fulcanelli?
C4 For Duane
D1 Winos Do Not March
D2 Systems Of Edges
D3 Things That Look Like Meat
D4 Watermelon In Easter Hay

Producer [Produced By], Arranged By, Edited By – Frank Zappa
Mastered By [Mastering By] – Bernie Grundman
Music By – FZ
Graphics – Art Hotel, Jeff Fey
Photography By – Sergio Albonico
Engineer [Remix Engineer] – Bob Stone

Ray White - guitar
Steve Vai - guitar
Warren Cuccurullo - guitar
Ike Willis - guitar
Denny Walley - guitar
Tommy Mars - keyboards
Bobby Martin- keyboards
Ed Mann - percussion
Scott Thunes - bass guitar
Chad Wackerman - percussion
Allan Zavod - keyboards
Arthur Barrow - bass guitar
Vinnie Colaiuta - percussion
Peter Wolf - keyboards