Bonnie Raitt / Original Album Series [Warner Bros. Records / 8122797629]

Bonnie Raitt / Original Album Series [Warner Bros. Records / 8122797629]



本作は、そのボニーレイエットの初期名作「Streetlights」「Home Plate」「Sweet Forgiveness」「The Glow」「GreenLight」の5タイトルを収録したお得な5枚組CDセット。

1-1 That Song About The Midway
1-2 Rainy Day Man
1-3 Angel From Montgomery
1-4 I Got Plenty
1-5 Streetlights
1-6 What Is Success
1-7 Ain't Nobody Home
1-8 Everything That Touches You
1-9 Got You On My Mind
1-10 You Got To Be Ready For Love (If You Wanna Be Mine)
Home Plate
2-1 What Do You Want The Boy To Do?
2-2 Good Enough
2-3 Run Like A Thief
2-4 Fool Yourself
2-5 My First Night Alone Without You
2-6 Walk Out The Front Door
2-7 Sugar Mama
2-8 Pleasin' Each Other
2-9 I'm Blowin' Away
2-10 Your Sweet And Shiny Eyes
Sweet Forgiveness
3-1 About To Make Me Leave Home
3-2 Runaway
3-3 Two Lives
3-4 Louise
3-5 Gamblin' Man
3-6 Sweet Forgiveness
3-7 My Opening Farewell
3-8 Three Time Loser
3-9 Takin' My Time
3-10 Home
The Glow
4-1 I Thank You
4-2 Your Good Thing (Is About To End)
4-3 Standin' By The Same Old Love
4-4 Sleep's Dark And Silent Gate
4-5 The Glow
4-6 Bye Bye Baby
4-7 The Boy Can't Help It
4-8 (I Could Have Been Your) Best Old Friend
4-9 You're Gonna Get What's Coming
4-10 (Goin') Wild For You Baby
Green Light
5-1 Keep This Heart In Mind
5-2 River Of Tears
5-3 Can't Get Enough
5-4 Willya Wontcha
5-5 Let's Keep It Between Us
5-6 Me And The Boys
5-7 I Can't Help Myself
5-8 Baby Come Back
5-9 Talk To Me
5-10 Green Lights