Leadbelly / Leadbelly's Last Sessions Volume Two [Folkways Records / FA 242]

Leadbelly / Leadbelly's Last Sessions Volume Two [Folkways Records / FA 242]



本作は、そのレッドベリーの選りすぐりの貴重音源を収録した2枚組ボックス。名門「Folkways」からリリースされたコンピレーションアルバム。 レッドベリー聴くなら、まずはここからといっても過言ではない入門盤としても最適な代表作の一枚。

A1 Midnight Special
A2 Boll Weevil Blues
A3 Careless Love
A4 Easy Rider
A5 Cry For Me
A6 Ain't Going' Drink No More
A7 Birmingham Jail
A8 Old Riley
A9 Julie Ann Johnson
A10 It's Tight Like That
B1 4, 5, And 9
B2 Good Morning Babe
B3 Jail House Blues
B4 Well You Know I Had To Do It
B5 Irene
B6 Story Of The 25 Cent Dude
B7 How Come You Love Me Like You Do Do Do
B8 Hello Central, Give Me Long Distance Phone
B9 The Hesitation Blues
B10 I'll Be Down On The Last Bread Wagon
C1 Springtime In The Rockies
C2 Chinatown
C3 Rock Island Line
C4 Backwater Blues
C5 Sweet Mary
C6 Irene
C7 Easy, Mr Tom
C8 In The Evening When The Sun Goes Down
C9 I'm Alone Because I Love You
C10 House Of The Rising Sun
C11 Mary Don't You Weep And Don't You Moan
D1 Talk About Fannin Street
D2 Fannin Street
D3 Sugared Beer
D4 Didn't Old John Cross The Water
D5 Nobody Knows When You're Down And Out
D6 Bully Of The Town
D7 Sweet Jenny Lee
D8 Yellow Gal
D9 He Was The Man
D10 We're In The Same Boat, Brother
D11 Leaving Blues