Nirvana / Nevermind [DGC / B0015884-01]


■Remastered, Deluxe Edition, Double Gatefold, 180 Gram.



■Disc 1: オリジナル・アルバムを収録。2011年最新リマスター採用。
■Disc 2: 未発表音源を中心に、ザ・スマート・スタジオ・セッションから。
■Disc 3: 未発表音源を中心に、ザ・ブームボックス・リハーサルから。
■Disc 4: BBCラジオ・セッションを収録。

Original Album
A1 Smells Like Teen Spirit
A2 In Bloom
A3 Come As You Are
A4 Breed
A5 Lithium
A6 Polly
B1 Territorial Pissings
B2 Drain You
B3 Lounge Act
B4 Stay Away
B5 On A Plain
B6 Something In The Way
C1 Even In His Youth
C2 Aneurysm
C3 Curmudgeon
C4 D-7 (Live At The BBC)
C5 Been A Son (Live)
C6 School (Live)
B-Sides And The Smart Studio Sessions
D1 Drain You (Live)
D2 Sliver (Live)
D3 Polly (Live)
D4 In Bloom
D5 Immodium (Breed)
D6 Lithium
The Smart Studio Sessions
E1 Polly
E2 Pay To Play
E3 Here She Comes Now
E4 Dive
E5 Sappy
The Boombox Rehearsals
F1 Smells Like Teen Spirit
F2 Verse Chorus Verse
F3 Territorial Pissings
F4 Lounge Act
The Boombox Rehearsals
G1 Come As You Are
G2 Old Age
G3 Something In The Way
G4 On A Plain
BBC Sessions
H1 Drain You
H2 Something In The Way
H3 Endless Nameless