Leadbelly / Leadbelly's Last Sessions [Folkways Records / FA 2941]

Leadbelly / Leadbelly's Last Sessions [Folkways Records / FA 2941]

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本作は、そのレッドベリーの選りすぐりの貴重音源を収録した2枚組ボックス。名門「Folkways」からリリースされたコンピレーションアルバム。 レッドベリー聴くなら、まずはここからといっても過言ではない入門盤としても最適な代表作の一枚。

A Band I
I Was Standing In The Bottom
Yes, I'm Goin' Down To Louisiana
I Ain't Goin' Down To The Well No More
Dick Ligger's Holler
Miss Liza Jane
Dog-Latin Song
Leaving Blues

A Band II
Go Down, Ol' Hannah
Blue Tail Fly
Nobody In This World Is Better Than Us

A Band III
We're In The Same Boat, Brother
Look-y, Look-y Yonder
Jolly O The Ranson

A Band IV
Ship Of Zion
Bring Me A Little Water, Silvy
Mistreatin' Mama
Black Betty
Ain't Goin' Down To The Well No More

B Band I
I'm Goin' Back Down In Louisiana
I Don't Know You, What I Done
Rock Island Line
Old Man, Will Your Dog Catch A Rabbit
Shorty George
Bottle Up And Go
You Know I Got To Do It
Ain't It A Shame To Go Fishin' On A Sunday
I Ain't Going To Drink No More

B Band II
My Lindy Lou
I'm Thinking Of A Friend

B Band III
He Neber Said A Mumblin' Word
I Don't Want No More Army Life
In The World
I Want To Go Home

C Band I
New Iberia
Dancing With Tears In My Eyes
John Henry

C Band II
Salty Dog
National Defense Blues
Easy, Mr. Tom
Relax Your Mind

C Band III
Bottle Up And Go
Polly Wolly Wee

D Band I
Pig-Latin Song
Hawaiian Song
Drinkin' Lum Y A Alla
The Grey Goose
Silver City Bound
The Titanic

D Band II
Death Letter Blues

D Band III
Mary Don't You Weep
He Never Said A Mumbling Word