David T. Walker / Press On [Video Arts / VACM-1298]

David T. Walker / Press On [Video Arts / VACM-1298]



多くの有名セッションに参加してきたソウルジャズを代表するギタリストのデヴィッドTウォーカーの1973年名作。バックにはジョーサンプルやハーヴィメイソン等が参加。キャロルキングのカバー「Brother, Brother」、スティービーワンダーの「Superstition」アイズレーブラザーズの「Work To Do」、デルフォニックスの「Didn't I Blow Your Mind」、ビートルズの「With a Little Help From My Friend」ロバータフラック&ダニーハサウェイの「I Who Have Nothing」等など名曲名カバー満載。本作を彼の最高傑作に挙げる人も少なくない名盤中の名盤。

I Got Work To Do
Brother, Brother
Press On
Didn't I Blow Your Mind This Time
With A Little Help From My Friends
I Who Have Nothing
If That's The Way You Feel
Save Your Love For Me
If You Let Me

Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar – David T. Walker
Bass – Charles Larkey
Congas, Tambourine, Bongos, Percussion – Ms. Bobbye Hall
Drums – Harvey Mason
Keyboards – Clarence McDonald
Keyboards – Jerry Peters
Keyboards – Joe Sample
Keyboards – Carole King
Saxophone – Tom Scott
Saxophone – Ernie Watts
Trumpet – Oscar Brashear
Engineer – Hank Cicalo
Producer – Lou Adler