Lonnie Johnson / (1926 - 1940) [RST Records / BD-2064]

Lonnie Johnson / (1926 - 1940) [RST Records / BD-2064]



RST Records」レーベルからの1920〜40年までの貴重音源集。「Blues Documents」シリーズのモノラル・リマスター盤。

A1 Very Lonesome Blues
A2 Good Old Wagon
A3 A Good Happy Home
A4 Baby You Don't Know My Mind
A5 I Have No Sweet Woman Now
A6 Baby, Please Tell Me
A7 I'm Gonna Dodge The Blues Just Wait And See
A8 Oh! Doctor The Blues
A9 Sweet Woman, See For Yourself
B1 Black Cat Blues
B2 A Worried Woman's Blues
B3 Fickle Mama Blues
B4 Bitin' Fleas Blues
B5 Once Or Twice
B6 Sam, You Can't Do That To Me
B7 She's Dangerous With That Thing
B8 Be Careful
B9 I'm Just Dumb