Muddy Waters / Muddy Waters (The Chess Box) [P-Vine Special / PLP-6040-51]

Muddy Waters / Muddy Waters (The Chess Box) [P-Vine Special / PLP-6040-51]






A1 Gypsy Woman
A2 Little Anna Mae
A3 Mean Disposition
A4 I Can't Be Satisfied
A5 I Feel Like Going Home
A6 Train Fare Home
A7 Down South Blues
B1 Kind Hearted Woman
B2 Sittin' Here And Drinkin'
B3 You're Gonna Miss Me
B4 Mean Red Spider
B5 Standin' Here Tremblin'
B6 Streamline Woman
B7 Hard Days
B8 Muddy Jumps One
C1 Little Geneva
C2 Canary Bird
C3 Burying Ground
C4 Screaming And Crying
C5 Where's My Woman Been
C6 Last Time I Fool Around With You
C7 Rollin' And Tumblin', Part 1
C8 Rollin' And Tumblin', Part 2
D1 Rolling Stone
D2 Rolling Stone (Alternate Take)
D3 Walkin' Blues
D4 You're Gonna Need My Help I Said
D5 Sad Letter Blues
D6 Early Morning Blues
D7 Appealing Blues
E1 Louisiana Blues
E2 Evans Shuffle
E3 Long Distance Call
E4 Too Young To Know
E5 Honey Bee
E6 Howlin' Wolf
E7 Country Boy
E8 She Moves Me
F1 My Fault
F2 Still A Fool
F3 They Call Me Muddy Waters
F4 All Night Long
F5 All Night Long (alternate take)
F6 Stuff You Gotta Watch
F7 Lonesome Day
G1 Please Have Mercy
G2 Who's Gonna Be Your Sweet Man
G3 Standing Around Crying
G4 Gone To Main Street
G5 Iodine In My Coffee
G6 Flood
G7 My Life Is Ruined
H1 She's All Right
H2 She's All Right (alternate take)
H3 Sad Sad Day
H4 Turn The Lamp Down Low (Baby Please Don't Go)
H5 Baby Please Don't Go (alternate take)
H6 Loving Man
H7 Blow Wind Blow
H8 Mad Love (I Want You To Love Me)
I1 I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man
I2 I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man (alternate take)
I3 She's So Pretty
I4 Just Make Love To Me (I Just Want To Make Love To You)
I5 Oh Yeah
I6 I'm Ready
I7 Smokestack Lightning
I8 I Don't Know Why
J1 I'm A Natural Born Lover
J2 Ooh Wee
J3 This Pain
J4 Young Fashioned Ways
J5 I Want To Be Loved
J6 My Eyes (Keep Me In Trouble)
J7 Mannish Boy
K1 I Got To Find My Baby
K2 Sugar Sweet
K3 Trouble No More
K4 Clouds In My Heart
K5 Forty Days And Forty Nights
K6 All Aboard
K7 Just To Be With You
L1 Don't Go No Farther
L2 Diamonds At Your Feet
L3 Live The Life I Love
L4 Rock Me
L5 Look What You've Done
L6 Got My Mojo Working
L7 Good News
L8 Evil
M1 Come Home Baby, I Wish You Would
M2 Let Me Hang Around
M3 I Won't Go On
M4 She's Got It
M5 Born Lover
M6 She's Nineteen Years Old
M7 Close To You
N1 Walking Thru The Park
N2 Blues Before Sunrise
N3 Mean Mistreater
N4 Crawling Kingsnake
N5 Lonesome Road Blues
N6 Mopper's Blues
N7 Take The Bitter With The Sweet
O1 She's Into Something
O2 South Bound Train
O3 Just A Dream
O4 I Feel So Good
O5 Hey Hey
O6 Love Affair
O7 Recipe For Love
P1 Baby, I Done Got Wise
P2 Tell Me Baby
P3 When I Get To Thinking
P4 Double Trouble
P5 Woman Wanted
P6 Read Way Back
Q1 I'm Your Doctor
Q2 Deep Down In My Heart
Q3 Tiger In Your Tank
Q4 Soon Forgotten
Q5 Meanest Woman
Q6 I Got My Brand On You
R1 Real Love
R2 Lonesome Room Blues
R3 Messin' With The Man
R4 Going Home
R5 Down By The Deep Blue Sea
R6 Muddy Waters Twist
R7 Tough Times
S1 You Shook Me
S2 You Need Love
S3 Little Brown Bird
S4 Five Long Years
S5 Brown Skin Woman
S6 Twenty Four Hours
S7 Coming Round The Mountain
S8 Let Me Hang Around
T1 Elevate Me Mama
T2 So Glad I'm Living
T3 Love Strikes Like The Lightning
T4 Early In The Morning
T5 One More Mile
T6 13 Highway
T7 You Don't Have To Go
T8 Things I Used To Do
U1 The Same Thing
U2 You Can't Lose What You Ain't Never Had
U3 My John The Conquer Root
U4 Short Dress Woman
U5 Put Me In Your Lay Away
U6 My Dog Can't Bark
U7 I Got A Rich Man's Woman
U8 Making Friends
V1 It's All Over
V2 County Jail
V3 Two Steps Forward
V4 Blind Man
V5 Find Yourself Another Fool
V6 Kinfolk's Blues
V7 Birdnest On The Ground
V8 When The Eagle Flies
W Woman Wanted (In A Recording Session)
X Read Way Back